Everyone needs a home... even the homeless.

Design and communication initiative "Home Sweet Home" brought together Salvo Galano, Italian photographer, and Milan Janić, Serbian designer, around the idea to make a thought-provoking statement regarding homelessness in the developed countries.
Through photography, videos and installations, the project draws attention to this issue and attempts to inspire problem-solving by giving visibility to the people who are considered “invisible” by our society.

But… why "Home Sweet Home"?
The project we present is not meant to be a gratuitous ironical piece of art. Homelessness is a serious and sad problem. And our images, videos and temporary minimalisticaly assembled cardboard shelters are certanely not
a solution to this problem. They are only a way to attract attention to this grave issue, while providing a temporary relief and raising some funds - until we can all do better.
…because nobody can / should live in a cardboard house.

©2011 Home Sweet Home